How to Sell a Car in Dubai – UPDATED Full RTA Process

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Dubai has one of the most vibrant automobile and second hand car markets in the world. With a healthy demand for second hand cars in Dubai, you could find great buyers for great rates better than most cities in the region. However, the official process of selling a car in Dubai can seem like a daunting process. Especially if this is your first time in the UAE. Fortunately, Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has a comprehensive process for transfer of car ownership legally. You could google “Sell Car Dubai”, and find several outdated guides that seem to complicate things even further. So…

Here is CarCashDeals’ easy-to-understand guide for selling your car in Dubai in 2022. CashCarDeals will show you what you need to exactly do before selling a car, what are the documents required, and other important details. With preliminary work done, we also show you RTA’s exact process to sell a car in Dubai.

Clearing any payments due on the car:

  • Any bank loans or financing dues remaining on the car must be cleared or dealt with by the seller.
  • Do note banks might take a few working days to electronically clear any loan files associated to your car on RTA’s system. 
  • If you are selling through CashCarDeals, we will provide the best support and ensure all the pre-selling process is taken care of easily.
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Choosing the most convenient RTA and vehicle testing center location in Dubai:

  • RTA has several centers in Dubai for vehicle testing and legal car ownership transfer. Some of the best rated centers are located in:
    • Al Barsha
    • Al Nahda
    • International City
    • Al Awir
    • Qusais 
  • And so many more centers throughout Dubai! Make sure to find the most convenient car-testing center for you and the buyer and the appropriate timing that falls within the RTA operating hours. 
  • It is quite common for the RTA car-testing centers in Dubai to be busy during weekends (Sunday and Saturday). Fridays have generally shorter operating hours compared to the rest of the week. CarCashDeals recommend visiting RTA centers between Monday to Thursday, before 5 PM for the most optimal experience.
  • Do note timings during Ramadan can be different. It is best to call RTA’s toll-free number (800 90 90) to verify or use Google Maps to confirm the timings. 
Emirates ID logo designed with the colors of the UAE flag (red, green, white and black) in the shape of a fingerprint.

Make sure you (car seller) and the buyer have the right Dubai and UAE appropriate documents:

Prepare by consolidating the appropriate documents before trying to initiate the selling process officially. Here are following documents you need to present at an RTA center:

  • Emirates ID (both the buyer and seller should present)
  • Car’s Mulkiya 
  • Driver’s license buyer
  • Insurance
  • Transfer cost
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Keeping the license plate:

  • You can choose to keep the license plate of your cars after selling them for future uses. The buyer must acquire a new plate in such cases.

About Salik tags:

  • You must deactivate/remove the Salik tag before handing over keys to the car. The new driver’s Salik route trips will be charged to your account if you fail to do so. Do not worry about your Salik Dubai road toll pass balance, though. It will transfer to your new car or remain in your account until next use.

That covers about everything you need to know to sell a car in Dubai, UAE! If this seems to be a tedious process, we at CarCashDeals guarantee cash for your car in less than 30 minutes. That’s how streamlined our process is!